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Made from the finest Vuelta Abajo tobacco, the Siglo II is inviting to look at, tender to touch and a treat to the palate. This Petit Corona sometimes seems out of place among the other more attractive Cohiba vitoles, but this small cigar works hard to make its mark. Cohiba have worked hard to give this smaller cigar a character all of its own. Honey and Cohiba's trademark grassy qualities are clearly apparent in the first half of the smoke. The second and third phases release cocoa and vanilla beans on to the palate through an impressively thick smoke.

Cohiba - Siglo II

Vitola de Galera: Mareva

Size: 5 1/8" (129mm) x 42 Ring Gauge

Presentation: Varnished SLB Cabinet of 25 cigars

"There's a lot of flavour in this little smoke, which layers the palate with leather, nougat and coffee on top of an earthy, mineral base". - Cigar Aficionado (August 2013)

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