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Many a smoker will have started their Cuban apprenticeship with this agreeable Robusto. It's flor..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Charatan has a subtle blend of Seco Ligero and Volado filler leaves, bound with an Indonesian binder..
Ex Tax: £83.33
This big cigar looks more powerful than it is. Surprisingly mild, the Montecristo Edmundo, one of..
Ex Tax: £22.92
The Davidoff 'European Small Cigars' collection are made in Denmark and Holland. Davidoff cigaril..
Ex Tax: £15.83
The Davidoff 'Small Cigar' range is made by hand in the Dominican Republic. Actually the world's ..
Ex Tax: £22.92
This Corona Gorda has consistently increased in quality since its introduction in 1992 as part of..
Ex Tax: £29.58
This little cigar is a triumph of its genre and in tune with the times. It offers a steady and ev..
Ex Tax: £45.83
The 'Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009' from Habanos s.a. pays homage to the Wide Churchills, one of the mos..
Ex Tax: £1,500.00
Packed with punchy flavor, this is a medium bodied cigar that feels stronger than it actually is...
Ex Tax: £55.83
The P No.2 was launched in 2005. Since then, this Torpedo has quickly become very popular. The po..
Ex Tax: £24.17
One of the Classic Robusto cigars that has proved its worth throughout the ages. This Cuban legen..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Another of the new 'Short' cigars being produced by Habanos S.A. for today's smokers. Big diamete..
Ex Tax: £17.92
The Davidoff 'European Small Cigars' collection are made in Denmark and Holland. Davidoff cigaril..
Ex Tax: £21.67
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigars are very flavourful, mild, and perfect for smoking among the great..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Medium-full is the key to tasting the various flavors in these much sought after cigars. Rich, de..
Ex Tax: £10.00
The Romeo y Julieta Churchill is considered THE Cuban Churchill by many purists. This substantial..
Ex Tax: £78.33
La Invicta Nicaraguan - Panetela Flavour: Medium Size: 5 1/4" (133mm) x 29 Ring Gauge ..
Ex Tax: £62.50
Pack of ten minis A pleasant Henri Winterman blend - smooth, mild and slightly sweeter than Café C..
Ex Tax: £5.00
You’ll often hear it said that you should ‘keep it simple stupid’, but with this blend, that coul..
Ex Tax: £20.83
A very popular round shaped petit corona in beautiful tubes for mobile smokers. Ideal for summer ..
Ex Tax: £41.67
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