Our international cigar range comprises of many world famous brands, each brand comes in a range of sizes with its own unique blend of tobacco from countries around the world, including Cuba, Indonesia and Brazil. They provide a wide range of flavours and are available in a variety of sizes and packaging styles.

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This cigar was introduced in 1976. The distinctive and unique flavour of this Mehiris comes in pa..
Ex Tax: £5.67
Tin of 10 miniature cigars with a light cappuccino flavour.     *** Please ..
Ex Tax: £5.17
The fine cigar for those who appreciate a longer smoke and wish to enjoy full smoking pleasure A smo..
Ex Tax: £9.42
The Villiger Export round are a mid sized cigar with a medium strength, which are ideal for the a..
Ex Tax: £11.17
A pack of 5 Castella Panatella cigars. ..
Ex Tax: £9.75
This cigar, the third variety of Meharis, has helped make the Meharis brand the most successful w..
Ex Tax: £5.67
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A tin of 10 Hamlet miniature cigars. ..
Ex Tax: £4.83
Backwoods Vanilla cigars are very flavourful, mild, and perfect for smoking among the great outdo..
Ex Tax: £12.50
La Paz Wilde Cigarillos - Pack of 10. ..
Ex Tax: £10.33
The Villiger Export round cigars are made from the same famous Havana blend as the pressed Export..
Ex Tax: £11.17
The Villiger Export range has an unsurpassed worldwide reputation for their quality and fuller fl..
Ex Tax: £11.67
Sold all over the world, King Edward is a well-known machine made that's been around forever. The..
Ex Tax: £5.17
Ritmeester Moods - Pack of 5. ..
Ex Tax: £3.92
A Henri Wintermans Founder’s Blend Half Corona has a deep dark Brazilian wrapper leaf combined wi..
Ex Tax: £9.17
Ritmeester Moods Double Filter - Pack of 10. ..
Ex Tax: £3.92
La Paz Wilde Mini Cigarillos - Pack of 10. ..
Ex Tax: £5.83
The tobacco of a Henri Wintermans Founder’s Blend Slims is a blend of Domingo leaf and the aromas..
Ex Tax: £5.00
Tin of 10 miniature cigars with a hint of vanilla flavouring.   *** Please Note, the..
Ex Tax: £5.17
Toscano Toscanello - Pack of 5 ..
Ex Tax: £13.25
Great Havana blend with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper enriched with Cuban tobacco.   ..
Ex Tax: £11.17
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