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This numbered and registered humidor commemorates the celebration of Padron's 50th Anniversary with a limited offering of a 1,000 chests, each containing 50 sequentially numbered cigars.

The unique blend is full-bodied, complex, but balanced, created exclusively to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Aged a minimum of ten years, the 50th Anniversary cigar is available in sun-grown natural or maduro wrapper. The 50th Anniversary Humidor also provides for a minimum of five 50 cigar future refills of identical blend.



The tobacco used in the 50th Anniversary Cigar has been aged ten years. The blend is full-bodied, complex, but balanced. It is a unique blend, created exclusively to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Only 1,000 Humidors have been produced.

Each Humidor is sequentially numbered, 1 to 1,000.

Each Humidor contains one tray of 50 cigars.

The 50th Anniversary Cigars will be available in natural and maduro wrappers. The cigar size is 52 ring and 6 1/2 inches in length.

Each Humidor contains serial-numbered cigars. The corresponding numbers are identified on the exterior of the Humidor; for example: Humidor No. 1 contains cigars 1-50.Humidor No. 2 contains cigars 51-100, etc.

The Original-Release Cigars will have a sequentially-numbered anti-counterfeit band, printed in RED INK.

Each Humidor contains a unique serial number displayed inside on a brass plate.

Each Humidor has its own Certificate of Authenticity. This Certificate will have its own unique serial number as well.

Each Certificate of Authenticity is hand-signed by Jose O. Padrón and Jorge L. Padrón.

Humidors will begin shipping before year-end 2014 and continue into 2015.

In order to be eligible to purchase refill cigars, the ultimate purchaser of the 50th Anniversary Humidor, whether it be the original retailer or a customer, will be required to register the Humidor and Certificate of Authenticity. Registration will require both the serial number on the Humidor as well as the serial number on the Certificate.

Padrón have created a dedicated link for this purpose. Click here to register:

Padrón Cigars will recognize the transfer of ownership of the Humidor, however the transfer must include the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

Padrón Cigars will produce cigars of identical blend to provide refills for all Humidors for a minimum of five refills.

Registered owners will be notified when refill releases are available.

Whomever is the certified owner of the Humidor at the time of the refill release will be eligible, but not required, to purchase refill cigars. Owners of the Humidor will have first right of refusal on all future releases.

Those cigars not purchased by certified owners of the Humidor will be released for sale to the original purchasing retailers.

Refill cigars will also have anti-counterfeit bands. The bands on the refill cigars will be numbered and printed in BLACK INK.

Refills will not be banded with sequentially-numbered bands.

Sales of the refill cigars will be processed through the retailer who originally purchased and sold the Humidor.

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