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Davidoff Millenium Collection

Box No. 1237 / 2500 - In Stock   Box No. 1238 / 2500 - In Stock

A unique pleasure for cigar connoisseurs and collectors in a worldwide limited edition. The Davidoff Millenium Collection with a limited edition of only 2,500 worldwide is something truly exceptional. Indeed, rolled by hand and with the upmost care, the top cigar specialists and the most experienced cigar tabaqueros in the Dominican Republic have created masterpieces which are sensational even for the name of Davidoff.

The tobaccos selected for the Davidoff Millenium Collection are incomparable gems of long maturity. No other filler and binder tobaccos have been stored and fermented under the best possible conditions for so long. No other blend is comparable. No other wrappers, which have similarly undergone exceptionally long fermentation, have been subjected to such careful selection.

The Davidoff Millenium Collection is composed exclusively of cigars with wrappers that are rather unusual in colour for Davidoff. This has a special significance. The Darker shade is characteristic of their particularly high degree of maturity. Together with the carefully selected tobaccos used for the filler and binder, these cigars have the promise of a rich, full bodied and harmonious balance of aromas.

The shape of the Perfecto is our homage to the preciousness of the tobaccos used in this collection. The burning tip, elegantly tapered in, retains the full aroma in the body of the cigar. Furthermore, on lighting, it ensures even combustion from the very first draw, providing the unique smoking experience. The shape of the Perfecto is a perfect reflection of the uniqueness of the Davidoff Millenium Collection.


Size: 4 x 'Millenium I - Perfecto Double Corona' / 8 x 'Millenium II - Perfecto Churchill' / 8 x 'Millenium III - Perfecto Corona'

Presentation: Presented in an exclusive wooden case complete with a hand signed certificate of authenticity bearing the limited edition box number.


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